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Metal Fishing Tackle Box

This metal fishing tackle box is the perfect solution for those who love to fishing. It is an outdoor sports angled fishing tackle box that comes with five storage systems. You can choose between the two options below to choose the one that is best for you. The box also has a plano outdoor sports angled fishing tackle box storage system that can hold up to 5 fishing tackle devices.

Vintage Green Metal Pocket Tackle Box

Vintage Green Metal Pocket Tackle Box

By Pocket Tackle Box


Metal Fishing Tackle Boxes

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to the best metal fishing tackle boxes out there. I came up with a top 5 list, which is in my opinion the best box out there. Nautilus (www. Rei (www. Hfy (www. Boxer (www. 4-sterfed (www.

Old Metal Fishing Tackle Boxes

This metal fishing tackle box is from a previous era and is made from old metal. It is two compartments each with a metal hanger and checkerboard planter. The door is hingeable so it can be filled with new boxes and metal tackle boxes. The box has a my buddy sticker on the front and is some what thinned with age but still in great condition. The inside is packed with1016 heavy-duty aluminum rods and reels, and is perfect for carrying around your catches. The box also comes with a 10-foot long aluminum power cord, so you can get the most of your fishing. this vintage tackle box is a great addition to your fishing set-up. It's old-school in terms of design and form, with a metallurgy interior for storage and storage options. This particular box comes with an hd walnut hardwood desk top surface and a built-in mirror. It's a great option for bringing your mentor or competitor along on trips. The box has a double-sided, double-eginner's guide sheet to help you learn how to fish with aluminum tackle, and a collection of pro-tec products to help you get the most out of your fishing. This box is also includes one or more pro-tec tackle boxes, so you can have all the supplies you need to get you through an entire season of fishing.